Rules of Engagement. Corporate Strategies to brind the boardroom to the frontline.
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About Us

At Rules of Engagement our singular focus is to help our clients increase their revenues.

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About Rules of Engagement

Successful executives understand that no matter what happens in the boardroom in terms of strategic decision making, their organization will not achieve its fiscal goals unless their plans are properly implemented at the ‘front line ’ -- where customer contact occurs.

At Rules of Engagement, we can help our clients develop and implement their corporate strategies and sales tactics to ensure that they deliver value to their customers and financial results for them. Independent and disciplined in our approach, we challenge assumptive thinking and the status quo. We create and deliver proprietary programs that educate, integrate, motivate and generate results.

  • In the Boardroom, we help companies move forward by bringing clarity and focus on how to best position the organization for future growth, while maximizing current opportunities.
  • With employees, we help ensure that everyone on staff understands their own personal goals and the importance of their individual contribution to the overall success of the organization.
  • On the Front Line, we work closely with Sales and Marketing staff to provide them with the knowledge and tools necessary to translate Corporate Strategy into a differentiated and compelling Value Proposition for customers.

Here’s a list of some of our services:

Strategy Development

  • Facilitate Corporate and Sales Strategy sessions focused on the growth and future of the business
  • Conduct corporate and/or departmental SWOT Analysis
  • Build consensus and clarity within senior executive and sales management teams on the organization’s strategic imperatives
  • Help define and leverage the organization’s core competencies
  • Develop market-driven Business Plans with detailed Tactical Plans to ensure successful implementation

Marketing and Positioning

  • Define and clearly articulate what differentiates the organization’s products and services in the marketplace
  • Create compelling product offerings and customer-focused Value Propositions
  • Assess and prioritize sales and marketing opportunities
  • Help with planning for successful new product launches

Interim Management

  • We offer experienced ‘interim contract’ executives that can hit the ground running to generate quick results
  • Will lead major projects that require senior level experience to ensure successful implementation
  • Provide third party assessment and recommendations on critical sales issues and/or opportunities

People Development

Sales Training that is focused on:

  • Bringing corporate strategy from the boardroom to the ‘front line’ – where customer contact occurs
  • Building deep and sustainable client relationships – treating accounts like ‘corporate assets’
  • Leveraging the organization’s core competencies – clear market positioning
  • Developing a strong Value Proposition for customers – a focus on the power of differentiation and corporate values
  • A full range of psychometric Assessments to help evaluate an individual’s selling or sales management potential
  • Recommendations on individual training and/or coaching needs
  • Advice on how to deal with staffing and motivational issues
  • Leadership Development and Executive Coaching for managers and senior representatives