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Top performing organizations are finding that a healthy bottom line is more about managing people-to-people relationships than it is about conducting business-to-business transactions.

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At Rules of Engagement, we help assess, train and coach sales representatives and sales managers to ensure they have the knowledge and skills needed to generate maximum revenue results, while developing deep and long lasting client relationships.

Psychometric Assessments

Through our strategic alliance with one of North America's leading psychometric assessment companies, we offer a complete suite of normative profiles. Our experienced interpretation of these assessments allows us to help our clients better manage their team building and selection processes while adding strength to their on-going coaching, mentoring and training efforts.

Leadership Development

We offer one-on-one Executive Coaching to managers and sales people at all levels of experience. We provide individuals with support, feedback and advice on the importance of vision, integrity, internal communication, change management, goal setting and how to elicit personal commitment from themselves and the people they work with.

In addition, we offer a variety of Leadership Development seminars and workshops designed to help individuals improve their performance and interpersonal skills. Our workshop topics include: Leadership vs. Management, Values and Goal Setting, Why Manager’s Fail, The Meaning of Teamwork, The Importance of IQ vs. EQ and Dimensions of Behaviour -- understanding personality styles.

Sales Training

At Rules of Engagement, our sales training is designed to bring corporate strategy from the boardroom to the front line. We focus our programs to ensure that salespeople clearly understand the organization’s core competencies and give them the knowledge and skills they need to sell from a strategic orientation.

Transcending basic transactional sales training, our programs ignite personal motivation while offering the tools and information sales people need to build deep and sustainable client relationships.

Strong believers in personal commitment, we work to improve planning, execution and overall sales performance by increasing individual accountability through the development of a strategically focused “business plan” for each member of the sales team.

Tailored to suit each client's unique competitive situation, we will help create a performance-oriented sales culture that will move even a top-performing sales team to increased levels of achievement.