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The most effective and sustainable Business Plans are those that leverage an organization’s core competencies.

Strategically Focused Strategic Boot Camp

Strategically Focused Business Plans

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, most executives are finding it increasingly difficult to set aside time to think about their organization from a strategic sales and marketing standpoint. Far too often they find their days being consumed managing day-to-day issues, and not leading and positioning their products, services or people for new opportunities.

At Rules of Engagement, we bring clarity and focus on how to best position an organization for future growth, while maximizing current opportunities. Working with either the Corporate Executive team or the Sales and Marketing management team, we help to clearly define and leverage the organization’s core competencies. Through the creation of market-driven Business Plans, Strategic Sales Plans, Tactical Action Plans and customer-focused Value Proposition Plans we help companies move forward.

Strategic Boot Camp

In today’s uncertain and volatile marketplace, more and more organizations are experiencing eroding margins and increased competition. But smart executives are resisting the temptation to cut prices. Instead they are focusing on building a sustainable future by clarifying the organization’s core competencies and positioning their product portfolio around a strategic and compelling Customer Value Proposition.

The following are just a few ways that an absence of strategic focus can put your organization at risk:

  • Ineffective product launches.
  • Weak product and service branding.
  • Poor market differentiation.
  • Failure to recognize and take advantage of market opportunities.
  • Lack of focus and follow through on new business development.
  • Losing touch with your customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Loss of customer satisfaction, pricing margin, and market share.
  • Difficulty in recruiting and retaining key sales and marketing staff.
  • Erosion of margins and limited or declining sales revenues.
  • Inconsistent execution of sales and marketing strategy.

STRATEGIC BOOT CAMP may be the solution you need to increase your team’s focus and get the results you want. Our action-oriented process applies time-tested concepts to re-create a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment in your team.

STRATEGIC BOOT CAMP is a professionally facilitated, customized and market focused process that will deliver the results you want.

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